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Stuart and Mark are passionate about helping young people to reach their potential and supporting teachers to achieve this goal.


Q: What would mindful writing look like for the children in your school?

A: Children who are calm, alert and ready to learn, becoming creative thinkers and writers.

Enhanced sense of wellbeing

January 15, 2017

Research about children who practise mindfulness has shown that these children demonstrate greater resilience, increased self esteem and improved quality of sleep, whilst also feeling less anxious. All of which are conducive to an enhanced ability to learn.

Creative writers

February 14, 2017

Our programme of reflective journal writing supports children to tap into a deeper sense of clarity of thought, enhanced levels of creativity and write with greater depth, accuracy and freedom.

Children prepared and ready to learn

March 15, 2017

Simply pausing mindfully for a few minutes before starting a lesson can help children find the right headspace, becoming ready to learn. Mindfulness programmes have demonstrated increased attention, decreased levels of anxiety, and improved levels of behaviour.

What would mindful writing mean for meeting your school's targets?

 Mindful writing - a simple PSE whole school approach to improve writing and wellbeing.

A programme to support staff wellbeing

January 15, 2017

By introducing mindful writing into a school, staff will also be able to pause during their working day, and, by doing so, start their own personal journey towards decreased stress, better physical and mental health, and, as research shows, enhanced job performance. This makes your school a better place to work and will help to recruit, retain and grow a fantastic staff team.

A programme to support school PSHE

'a curriculum for life' PSHE Assoc.

February 14, 2017

At the centre of the new government policy on PSHE is the individual, and their relationship with others and then the wider world. Our programme of mindfulness and journal writing enables children to reflect on how they treat themselves and others within their lives. The ofsted 2013 report on schools' PSHE programmes highlighted that the 20% of schools who attained outstanding in PSHE , went onto achieve an overall school ratining outstanding.

A programme to support children's learning

March 15, 2017

Children learn best when they are focused, calm and alert. Our programme focuses on getting children ready to learn exciting , innovative writing skills that can be used across all academic subjects. It also helps teachers to understand those children in their class who have sensory issues.

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